The story of an outing

Anticipation! None of the children had ever been to the Victoria Falls – a world wonder right on their doorstep. On route we saw a herd of 50 elephant at the roadside. The children were awestruck, never having seen these mighty animals before. We also saw giraffe and zebra. A true safari!

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We walked across the bridge to Zimbabwe so they could pick up a stone from another country to take home. They were fascinated by the ‘crazy’ bungee jumping people. They loved the spray on their faces and were mesmerised by the rainbows. We had a picnic of chicken and chips on the grass at the railway museum where the children climbed on the old trains.

Final destination - the viewing area at Livingstone Airport to see planes landing and taking off. Even the teachers and bus driver were there for the first time. They were excited by the mirrors and the taps with running water in the toilets, and slightly scared by walking down the big flight of stairs (no stairs in the village!). A day of pure joy …

Written by Kelly Geoghegan

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