Our Projects

In addition to the schools we manage, there are various other community and education support projects in progress …

Tukongote Projects

Farming Project

When Waterberry Lodge closed in March 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we reassessed our priorities and short-term goals.

In a bid to support the communities in the villages around the Lodge to become more selfsustainable, we launched "Waterberry Tukongote Agricultural Co-operative Project". (It is a bit of a mouthful - but a descriptive one!)

Our benefactor, Rob Thompson's own vegetable garden inspired the #robsgardenchallenge, with him donating towards the set-up of Waterberry Lodge’s staff vegetable gardens, and the start of our Farming Project.

Phase 1 saw Waterberry Lodge and Tukongote staff learning and growing their own vegetable gardens. Phase 2 incorporated the growing of food for the Lodge and schools’ canteens and teaching the children different, more sustainable farming methods. Phase 3 extends to teaching people in the surrounding villages. This project is generously supported by Texel Foundation.

Tukongote Projects

Kazungula High Sponsorships

It is difficult for children from rural villages to continue their education after completing primary school. No nearby secondary schools, and school fees, uniforms, books, transportation and accommodation costs mean many children are forced to stop schooling.

Our May 2017 newsletter featured Gift and Josephine, 2 guest sponsored pupils, who attend boarding school at Kazungula High, 40km from Waterberry. An overwhelming response saw another 27 students receive 5 year sponsorships in 2018. Now 54 children receive quality education in a safe and caring environment.

We partner with teachers at local primary schools to identify children from poor family backgrounds who have potential.

The cost per child is approximately £650 / $840 per annum (exchange rate dependent), including school fees, boarding, school supplies, uniforms, exam fees, outings and transport to and from school, for 5 years.

If you would like to give a child from an underprivileged family the chance to continue their education, please write to our Community Projects Manager. Communication between sponsors and children is encouraged, with school results, letters and photos being exchanged.

Tukongote Projects

Freedom Pads Project

Imagine missing 20% of your education because you are a girl ... a girl without sanitary pads.

With no access to sanitary products in the villages, nor money for buying the most basic protection, girls use rags which often leak, forcing them to stay at home to escape shame and embarrassment.

Started in May 2017, our Freedom Pads Project provides girls with a kit of reusable, washable menstrual pads in a bag with underwear, a flannel, a “secret washing line” and some literature. A kit lasts 2 years.

Our project ambassadors go to schools, delivering menstrual health workshops before distributing the kits. Teachers have commented on the improvement of the girls’ attendance and confidence.

The pads are made by Zambian women through Project Luangwa’s Ufulu (Freedom) Pads Project.

By December 2020, we had distributed pads kits to 1 250 girls and female teachers in 12 rural schools.

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